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Oregon is one of the most beautiful, most wild, and most exciting states there is.  This state is in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.  It is bordered by the state of  Washington on the north, on the west by the Pacific Ocean,  on the south by the state of California, on the east by the state of Idaho, and on the southeast by the state of Nevada.  The Columbia River itself delineates much of Oregon’s northern boundary, and the Snake River describes much of the eastern border of the state.

The parallel 42° North defines the southern border with California and Nevada too, which is easy enough to follow.  The state of Oregon is one of only three states of the contiguous United States to have a coastline on the Pacific Ocean, and its proximity to the ocean profoundly influences the state’s mild winter climate despite its northern latitude.  For example, the state of Oregon experiences nothing regarding winters as North Dakota, Montana, Wisconsin, Michigan, or other similar northern states that are not on an ocean.

Some History of Oregon

From Wikipedia:

“The land area that is now Oregon was initially inhabited by many indigenous tribes before western traders, explorers, and settlers arrived there.  An autonomous government was formed in the Oregon Country in 1843 before the Oregon Territory was created shortly afterward in 1848.  Oregon became the 33rd state on February 14, 1859. Today, at 98,000 square miles, Oregon is the ninth largest in the country and, with a population of 4 million, all in all, the 27th most populous U.S. state.  The capital of Oregon is the city of Salem, the second most populous of its cities, with a full 164,549 residents.  Portland is Oregon’s most populous city, with over half a million people ranking in at 632,309 inhabitants, and ranks as the 26th most populous city in the United States of America.  Portland’s metro population of 2,389,228 ranks as the 23rd largest metro in the nation.  The Willamette Valley in western Oregon is the state’s most densely populated area by far, home to eight of the ten most populous cities in this geographic area.”

Oregon has an unyielding and resilient economy.  “Because of its diverse landscapes and waterways, Oregon’s economy is to this day primarily powered by various forms of agriculture, fishing, and hydroelectric power to name a few.  It is also the top timber producer of the lower 48 states as well, with timber production still going strong in this state even though it had diminished in many other states.  Technology is another one of the state’s major economic forces too, which began in the 1970s with the establishment of the Silicon Forest and the expansion of Tektronix and Intel to name a few.  The sportswear company Nike, Inc. is headquartered in Beaverton, which is the state’s largest public corporation with an annual revenue of $30.6 billion altogether.”

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Bring Major Problems to Oregon


Sadly, drug and alcohol addiction have both become enormous problems in the state of Oregon, problems that show little to no sign of dropping down or relaxing anytime soon.  Drug and alcohol addiction has become a more widespread crisis issues all across the country, but the West Coast of the United States has most definitely experienced some of the worst problems of them all when it comes to this issue.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a big issue, and it stands only to get bigger and bigger as the years go by.  Drug and alcohol addiction has grown in the West because of incessant trafficking of drugs into the nation from Mexico.  Now more than perhaps ever before, drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general can and will be taken down a notch with the proper rehabilitation approaches.

The Facts and the Statistics on the Issue


The true grit on drug and alcohol addiction in Oregon, and across the nation for that matter, is not pretty.  Substance abuse is a hardship and a crisis for a lot of different people, even though it does not need to be this way.  Consider the following statistics, which highlight just how serious this issue is:

Substance abuse issues continue to present themselves in different ways and wearing different faces each and every year.


  • The problem only seems to get worse as the years go by, and this truth can be seen pretty easily by the simple fact that addiction has now been labeled as an actual epidemic, not a crisis, but a legitimate epidemic, by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


  • The fact of the matter is that drug and alcohol addiction have never before been given the classification of an actual epidemic in the nation as they have now.


  • Substance abuse problems show themselves left and right in the nation, with far more prevalence than they ever had before too, raising concern and worry left and right.


  • The truth of the matter is that addiction in the nation has now trapped no less than nine percent of the entire adult population, as shown by statistics reported by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, with over twenty-five million addicted.


  • A big problem that the United States is currently facing is with a tremendous resurgence of cocaine use and abuse, which is also a big problem in Oregon. This is a substance that for a couple  of decades was almost completely nonexistent, but which now is one of the most concerning substance abuse problems in the nation actually.


  • Cocaine made a big reappearance when Mexico also started to flood the nation with more and more heroin too. When more heroin started to come into the nation, so did cocaine, and lots of it too.

Using Rehabilitation to End Addiction


The way to beat drug and alcohol addiction is with the help of an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, rehabilitation program, and recovery organization.  For those who are addicted in Oregon, inpatient rehabilitation programs offer three, major services that are immensely helpful and beneficial:


  • Detoxification.  This is the first step approach to drug and alcohol addiction that is immensely helpful and engaging for those who take part in it.  This approach allows addicted Oregon residents to beat the chemical dependence side of addiction.  In doing so, such persons will no longer feel the cravings to drug and alcohol addiction as they had before.


  • Rehabilitation.  This is the side that focuses entirely on the mental and psychological aspects and factors to drug and alcohol addiction.  This approach is what helps people and what engages them in an effective and workable approach to addiction treatment that is very helpful to them.  This method delivers freedom from the mental and the psychological aspects of drug and alcohol addiction.


  • Aftercare.  This is the method that allows newly recovered individuals to continue to work on their recoveries and to continue to engage themselves in a workable and efficient approach to addiction treatment.  This is the approach that will ultimately be the most helpful to them, as it will assist them in maintaining their sobriety for a lifetime.

There is no reason why anyone in Oregon needs to go through life addicted to drugs and alcohol.  With the approaches to addiction treatment offered at rehabilitation centers, those who suffer from addiction in this city can finally find freedom from their habits.





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